Board Members

Marey El Hamouly - WMC President

30 Years Massage Therapist - CEO of  WMC and 

  • Sugar and Spice Spa- Switzerland.

  • Lamsana Massage and Manual Therapy – Switzerland.

  • Founder of  the International Massage Academy of Switzerland (IMAS)

  • Teacher of NTM & HT at New Jersey International University.

Graduated From : 

  • ​Award in Education and Training (AET) -London.

  • Certified Teacher of NTM & HT at New Jersey International University.

  • Master of Massage Teacher-SEN FORMAZIONE DI MASSAGIO-Italy.

  • Osteopaths and Manual Therapy Training (OMT)-London.

  • Swiss Health school (ESSR-academic medicine)-Switzerland.

  • Medi-Academy-Switzerland.

  • Esclarmonde School for Health Formations, France -Switzerland.

  • Reboutement Massage -Switzerland.

  • The Thai Traditional Medicine Association of Thailand.

  • Olympic Academy for Sports Leaders-Egypt. 

  • International Egyptian Spa Association-Egypt. 

  • Master of Accounting and Business management

Bhavesh T. Joshi - WMC Board Member

Bhavesh qualified as an Osteopath from the British School of Osteopathy and has been practicing and lecturing for over 28 years. He is the Principal of the London School of Massage which was set up in 1994 .

He was the Clinical Director and a Senior lecturer at the College of Osteopaths (2000) as well as holding the post of Senior Lecturer (Applied Anatomy) and Clinical Supervisor at the London School of Osteopathy (1995 - 2000). He has also worked for the British School of Osteopathy as a "Demonstrator in Anatomy" lecturing to Osteopathic students at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Bhavesh has co-authored a book entitled "Secrets of Massage" (Ivy Publishing) and is a regular judge at the UK and International Massage Championships.

He is a gifted teacher who has a knack of making subjects easy and understandable as well as helping individuals realise their full potential. He has a life aim of setting up an Ashram in India to help feed and educate poor communities.

Gina Mcdonald - WMC Board Member

After more than 20 years as a professional massage therapist, I am still actively working 25hrs a week, performing customized work I would describe as intuitive and therapeutic.
I do use mostly western modalities such as basic Swedish strokes, deep tissue techniques, and neuromuscular therapies. But near and dear to my heart is also my
work as a craniosacral therapist. I really feel like what I do for my clients enhances their lives in a meaningful way.

It keeps them doing the many things that are important to them. For me this has been a
calling. I have worked in this field since I was 18 years old and I don't intend to ever leave it.

I tell my clients, “I am truly built for this work!” To help others stay in this field I became a continuing education provider 7 years ago. Classes like self-care, ethics, and specialty populations are just some of the more than 10 different classes I regularly teach. In the past 7 years, I have awarded more than 6,000 hours in CE training.

Teaching has helped me stay sharp in our field. Then in 2019, I attended the World Massage Competition as only one of more than 200 participants. This was a life enhancing opportunity that I will always cherish as a true learning opportunity to grow as a person and therapist. When people ask me about my experience I tell
them it was truly a special week of activity. I learned so much from others.

Giorgio Chiappari - WMC Board Member

Giorgio is a physiotherapist graduated in 1984 from Turin University. He studied in Bruxelles Connective Tissue Massage, and in Paris for Manual and Reflex Therapy Specialization (1990) and he has a private study where he treats skeletal and muscolar injury or deseases.

He is currently:

  • Director of Sports Massage at Ecole Maxime in Turin since 2000 teaching Anatomy of locomotor system and Massage technique.

  • Co-founder of MWA (Massage and Wellness Academy) in Turin since 2016, responsible for Sport Certificate,

  • Teaching Anatomy of skeletal muscle system and Sports Massages.

  • Teaching to healthcare personnel how to avoid postural risks using the body and medical aids in right way during mobilization of patients.

  • Co-author of articles about postures, massages technique in specialized magazines.


Giorgio is passionate of skeletal muscle system, his lessons are designed to explain the importance of the knowledge of connective tissue, fascia system and bio-tensegrity

He thinks that just a deep human body knowledge, could improve the massage quality

Kush Kumar - WMC Board Member

Kush Kumar’s career background has been diverse in nature, reflecting versatility, spanning Education/Training, Retail, Health and Wellbeing Therapies and Catering sectors, combined with experience of business ownership, leadership and management.


He has written and delivered qualifications for Universities, Awarding Organisations and worked with Ofsted participating in inspections. As well as holds a number of Board Member, Examiner and international Speaker roles with professional bodies across the globe. indicating reputation as a business expert and influencer for the health and wellbeing industry.


Dedicated to quality assurance and robust industry standards and practices, therefore he takes a continuous improvement approach to all aspects of work.


This has led him to founding ThinkTree Hub an International Professional Association where he sets, achieves, and maintains high standards, whilst supporting therapists, training providers and contributors for the industry of health and wellbeing.

Ivan Nokolov - WMC Board Member

Earle Abrahamson - WMC Board Member

Earle Abrahamson is an internationally published author, therapist and psychologist, educator, consultant and teaching fellow. He has worked actively in education and complementary therapies, specialising in sport and exercise massage and rehabilitation.

He is Chair of the Massage Training Institute (MTI), Chair of the General Council for Massage Therapies (GCMT), and programme leader for Sports Therapy at the University of East London. He is a principal fellow of Advanced HE, Fellow of the ICNM and an inaugural ISSoTL fellow.


Earle is a practising therapist having served the CNHC Massage PSB from its inception. He has written numerous texts including: Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention (2010); Making Sense of Learning and Teaching Human Anatomy (2016) and Muscle Testing: A Concise Manual (2019).


Earle has been a National Massage Championship judge for the past two years, and has worked as a lead therapist at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


In 2017, he was invited to provide soft tissue therapy services at the World Athletics Event.

I am Spa & Wellness expert with over 20 years of experience in hospitality business. I had the honour to work in some of the best hotels in the world: Burj al Arab, Jumeirah Beach, Hilton, Kempinski and other 5 stars hotels in Bulgaria and abroad.


I am greatly appreciative for the amazing knowledge I have gained through all these years by working with great professionals and therapists.


Some of my achievements include:


  • Bronze Medal – European Massage Championship, Italy 2019 – Category Asian Inspired

  • Spa Trainer of the winners’ competition for “Best Spa Massage”, Azerbaijan 2017.

  • Gold Medal – International Competition for “The Best Spa Massage”, Azerbaijan 2016.

  • Gold Medal – Competition for “The Best Spa Massage”, Bulgaria 2010

  • Public Award - International Competition for “The Best Spa Massage” Moscow 2010. Bronze Medal – Competition for “The Best Spa Massage”, Bulgaria 2009.